Natalia Rubio Luxury Escort


It goes without saying that we will have an unforgettable time! But to make our experience as amazing as possible, please familiarize yourself with the following rules and etiquette:

Communications: For initial contact, please fill in my booking form or send me an email. Please be a gentleman in our communications, first impressions are important. Explicit or vulgar language will not be tolerated.

Screening: To help ensure my safety and our compatibility, all new friends will need to be discreetly screened. Any information used during my screening process is purely for verification purposes only, and will not be stored or shared.  

References: I require a reputation companion reference, and a form of government issued ID. While additional references are not mandatory, this would expedite your booking.

Consideration: My rates are non-negotiable. My donation should be ready in an unsealed envelope, magazine/book, or card, and placed onto a table in plain sight at the start of our date. It’s never sexy to have to ask!

Hygiene: I am fully vaccinated, always groomed and presentable, and ask the same of you. Meeting someone who looks and smells good is an absolute turn on!

Alcohol/Smoking: I am a non-smoker, and do not drink during our time together. Of course, if you wish to partake in a light refreshment, you are absolutely welcomed to.

Special Requests: Got something special in mind? If there’s a specific outfit or kink which gets your heart racing, be sure to let me know (in a nice way) and I will do my best to accommodate!

Cancellations: Sometimes, the unexpected happens and I do understand. Perhaps you are running late or might have to cancel. If so, please notify me as soon as possible, so I can adjust my schedule to accommodate. In the event that I cannot, your lateness will be factored into your booking time, or in the case of last-minute cancellations, any deposits will be non-refundable.